Converting ordinary incandescent light dimmer to rotary encoder

Converting dimmer to rotary encoder.

First first thing to do is to draw a schematic and pcb board:


Note that P12 and P13 are actually LEDs and P14 is ALPS rotary encoder, which I had to draw by my self ( you can download Altium footprint library bellow).


Here are the Altium PCB schematic and encoder library files: Encoder_dimmer

Some more step-by-step photos:
(I know the PCB quality is terrible, It’s because I run out of photo-positive boards, so made this using toner transfer method)

2013-02-21 15.59.37 2013-02-21 16.00.55 2013-02-21 16.20.47 2013-02-21 16.21.08 2013-02-21 16.55.36 2013-02-21 16.55.53 2013-02-21 17.00.59 2013-02-21 17.01.04 2013-02-21 17.01.29 2013-02-21 17.15.29 2013-02-21 18.17.29

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