Lighting and blinds controller… on arduino.

I’ve been working on this project for quite some time now, and I have first working system up and running. It allows me to control two light sources (multiple lamps each) by wall switches (I previously had ordinary “cross switches” witch I modified to work as push buttons) or by a IR remote. I’m using Sony 12bit IR code, so every Sony TV or universal remote will work. Other lighting is PWM driven LEDs in wall lamps, they are controlled by remote or by rotary encoder in custom built unit which looks like incandescent bulb dimmer. In video below is the first working device, but I did a major re-design. I will post updated version, program code, schematics and pcb files as soon as I’ll have some free time.

First version of the controller:

Step 1: Software.

Here is the full code (Sorry for the comments in Latvian):


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